Almaty Financial, Legal and Technological College-trains highly qualified specialists for the national economy of the country. The college is located in the center of the city of Almaty on Mametova Street, Seifullin Ave., which is convenient for students to maintain transport routes, provide food and other social conditions.

The college has all the necessary conditions for obtaining high-quality education, in particular: a library, a reading room, classrooms equipped with technical training facilities, interactive whiteboards, specialized classrooms and laboratories, a language lab and other necessary facilities.

In the process of studying at the college, students constantly participate in International, national, city competitions and conferences, are awarded certificates, certificates of honor, certificates and other awards. All these awards and rewards are displayed inside the school building in a prominent place.

The college has a good gym, a cafe-dining room, a buffet for accelerated meals. Amateur art is at a good level.

In 2017, our college passed the International Audit of the Quality Management System for compliance with the requirements of “ISO 9001:2008” in St. Petersburg and received an International Certificate, and in 2019 it successfully passed the institutional and specialized Accreditation in all specialties and received the IA Certificate No. 0029 of the Independent Kazakhstan Accreditation Center.
Training is provided on a grant and on a contractual basis. A training center for short-term courses on training and retraining of specialists with appropriate qualifications has been opened.
We are proud of our college and do our best to make it even more successful! Our students perform well in a wide variety of management and business sectors. Our graduates are the pride of our educational institution.



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